5 Fun Things to do for Halloween

A short list to inspire you for Halloween:


  1. Go to a Haunted House. This is the quintessential Halloween activity, but not for the faint of heart!  Check in your local area for haunted house advertisements, they usually open up a couple weeks before Halloween, and some are around for the whole month of October.


  1. Find a Corn Maze. A corn maze is another typical Fall activity, especially if you’re close to a farming area.  Look around to hobby farms or U-Picks first, and see if any corn mazes offer special Halloween themed events.  Most importantly, plan before you go, and don’t forget your rubber boots!


  1. Catch a Double Feature. Lots of theatres and community centres screen classic Halloween movies, like Dracula or Beetlejuice, and offer cheaper snacks than you could get at a movie theatre making it a much more accessible option for some family fun.


  1. Carve a Pumpkin. You can’t let Halloween pass you by without making your own jack-o’-lantern.  Pumpkins are relatively cheap, and everything else you already have a home, so set up a pumpkin carving party and have a competition to see who can come up with the spookiest design.


  1. Host a Séance. Another kooky and spooky Halloween activity would be to host a séance, or attempt to get in touch with the dead, this might involve hiring a medium or doing some research and attempting it yourself.  You could also go see a fortune teller or use a Ouija board to communicate with the unknown.




There are so many fun things to do for Halloween and most of your local attractions and businesses will also be hosting Halloween themed events, where you can get dressed up and indulge in a bit frivolity.  Everywhere from the zoo to the pub will be offering tricks or treats, the most important thing is to join in the fun!



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