Have you walked into a store recently?  Have you noticed the shift over the last few years?  Christmas seems to be coming earlier and earlier each year, at least in the minds of retail establishments.  Going into a dollar store or big box is futile on Halloween day, everything is already picked over and squeezed out to make room for Christmas.  Wait.  What?  Christmas in October?  You have to be kidding me!?

No my friend, no longer do we have holiday seasons, now we have holiday quarters.  Decorations out two months before Christmas.  It’s quite extreme.  No more time to enjoy Halloween, or Fall; Christmas is too busy taking over.  Who decided on this?  Who thinks this is a good idea?

There’s no more anticipation in the lead up to the holidays, since consumerism is pushing merchandise and advertisements so early nowadays.  There’s no enjoyment for the current holiday, because it’s rushed through and drowned out by leading marketing for the next holiday.

So just say NO!  STOP!  Christmas can’t take over Halloween and shouldn’t be promoted until after Remembrance Day.  And it will be all the sweeter for the waiting, and it will come with less stress and pressure once you remove yourself from the buy, buy, buy mentality the merchants who start selling Christmas so far in advance are encouraging.


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