5 Fun Outdoor Activities to do this Holiday Season


This time of year the weather has gotten bad and you’ve probably found yourself spending more time indoors, but never fear, here’s a list of 5 fun outdoor activities to get your heart rate up and give you some fresh air:

  1. Go sledding.  If you have snow, that’s great, grab your toboggan, crazy carpet or favourite over snow vehicle and go sledding, it’s fun and great exercise.
  2. Build a snow man.  Snowmen are fun to build and great decorations for Christmastime, make a couple of snowmen in the front yard, give them a toque and a hockey stick, or some garland and a Santa hat.
  3. Do a winter picnic.  Fill a thermos with coffee or hot soup, grab something sweet, bundle up and take a walk.  Parks look equally as lovely int he winter as the summer, they tend to be less busy and a brisk walk always gets the blood flowing.
  4. Go skating.  Lace up the old ice skates, clear off the pond and let loose your inner Elvis Stojko, or Wayne Gretzky, either way.  Just be safe and always check the ice!
  5. Have a snowball fight.  The first snow always means one thing, SNOWBALL FIGHT!  But even if it’s not the first snow, an epic snowball fight, with snow forts and treachery can be as exciting as any paintball game.


Please enjoy this list of classic winter and Christmas activities to do this time of year, great for the young ones, and the young at heart!


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