Planning Christmas – Weekend Edition


In case you missed it, please see Part 1 – The Epic Christmas Planning Guide


This weekend should probably be very busy for you, December is finally here and I bet you feel as if Christmas is now just around the corner and sneaking up on you fast.  If so, it’s not too late to use this Epic Christmas Planning Guide.

Since it’s the Friday of the first weekend in December it’s important to make the most of your time, to get as much done as possible, but also get into the groove of the holiday season.  Plan to make this a month of magic.

What should your goals be this weekend?  I’ve outlined below an ideal schedule for the first weekend in December.


  1. After a long day at work and an even longer week, the best thing you can do is write out your TO DO list during your lunch hour, and grab some groceries and cleaning supplies on the way home from work.
  2. Plan for a super quick and easy dinner, lay out the game plan for your family and get everyone on board. Then enjoy each other’s company and catch up on the events of the week!
  3. After supper, sit down and watch your first Christmas movie of the season! Here’s a guide for some ideas.



  1. Saturday will be the day when the real work begins, plan an awesome breakfast to feed an army then give the troops their marching orders, it’s time to clean the house!
  2. Getting your house in order is essential for the holidays. It needs to be done before you can decorate or have people over.  Having a clean house also relieves stress, makes you more productive and gives you the calm feeling of being in control.  So assign tasks, clearly communicate what you want, delegate, hold everyone to a high standard and GET IT DONE!
  3. While you’re cleaning someone should be charged with taking out the Christmas decorations, sorting and organizing them to see what you have and what needs repairs. All this so  you don’t wind up with a clean house and then have to go rummaging around in the attic, garage or basement for them and make a mess all over again.  Also, take some pictures of what you have, this will come in handy later
  4. Once the house is clean, get ready, go out, grab something to eat and plan how you want to decorate the house. Take a scribbler, jot down some ideas, and think about what you already have.  Then do some shopping for decorations and get back home to throw them up.
  5. Decorate! Put on some Classic Christmas Music, and make your vision a reality, the sky’s the limit in turning your home into a winter wonderland, or Santa’s Workshop.
  6. Relax! You’ve earned it.  It’s was a very busy day, but you’ve accomplished so much.



  1. Wow! You’ve gotten a lot done so far this weekend already, so for Sunday I recommend you take it easy and enjoy your newly decorated house.
  2. Have the children write their letter to Santa. A quiet Sunday morning would be the perfect time to sit down with them and discuss what they’d like to ask Santa for, whether they’ve been naughty or nice, and to encourage your family values by discussing your ‘reason for the season’.  It’s also a great learning activity, can be turned into a craft and will let Santa have enough time to make the presents up in his workshop.
  3. Consider showing off a bit. Invite friends or family over for lunch or dinner after you’ve put so much effort into making your house look nice.
  4. Do some Christmas baking, it’s a nice way to spend an afternoon quietly, and you get some delicious treats.
  5. Go for a winter picnic, you’ve done so much work this weekend, and have been cooped up cleaning and decorating for most of Saturday, so take a nice relaxing walk in the brisk outdoors, bring a thermos of hot chocolate or soup and get some fresh air.


Hope this helps you plan your weekend, and make the most of the time before Christmas, setting the mood, cherishing family and getting things done.

Stay tuned for next weekend, as we plan or way through the month, making the holidays fun and stress free!


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