Planning Christmas – Weekend Two

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In case you missed it, please see Part 1 – The Epic Christmas Planning Guide

And Part 2 – Planning Christmas – Weekend Edition

This weekend will be another busy one, Christmas is now just around the corner and sneaking up fast.  It’s still not too late to use this Epic Christmas Planning Guide or to catch up from last weekend’s planning and activities to get you sorted for Christmas.

Wow!  The second weekend in December, time is probably getting away from you so it’s even more  important than ever to make the most of your time, to get as much done as possible, so you can relax and enjoy the closer you get to the holidays.  And again, plan to make this a month of magic!

What should your goals be this weekend?  This weekend will be primarily focused on gift shopping, gift wrapping and holiday cooking and baking.  I’ve outlined below an ideal schedule for the second weekend in December.


By now you might have a full Christmas schedule, holiday parties and office gatherings galore.  Hopefully on Friday you had some festive fun.  If not, it’s not too late to have some the rest of the weekend, maybe watch a movie or get outdoors:

  1.  Here’s a guide for some ideas.  A great list of Christmas movies.
  2. Here are some fun outdoor activity ideas.  To help you get some fresh air.


  1. Saturday will be busy.  Isn’t it always?  I like to get the work done early, so make more time for myself to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labours.
  2. You did a major cleaning up last weekend, so a quick once over of the house should set everything to right Saturday morning.  I like to get the cleaning out of the way because A.  I hate it; and B.  It’s much easier to work in a clean environment.
  3. Your first task for this weekend will be writing out you gift list, checking it twice, checking it against your budget and paring it down.  Be reasonable, I know you want to get something for everyone, but I also feel gifts should be heartfelt and meaningful, not simply a monetary obligation.
  4. Think about your gifts and how you’ll wrap them, if you want to get fancy at all consider decorating styles and what you’ll you need before you leave the house, so you can add it to the list.
  5. Next, write a meal plan and grocery list.  One goal this weekend is to create some freezer meals.  Choosing and prepping some freezer meals will make your holidays easier, so find 5-10 ‘go to’ meals that your family loves and add the ingredients to your grocery list.
  6. Then plan your holiday baking.  But don’t be overly ambitious!  That way lays exhaustion and ruin.  So, you can either do a cookie swap, attend a bake sale or make your own.  If you want to do your own holiday baking, I recommend 5 things, and that post is here.
  7. Once you have your gift list, grocery list and baking list done, pick out the stores you want to check out and get your shopping on!
  8. When you get home from shopping, which at this time of year can be quite stressful, make yourself a hot drink, put away your presents, put on some Classic Christmas Music, and get to cooking!
  9. The last thing for today will be putting together some freezer meals, so you’ll always have something on hand if unexpected guests come over or you’ve had a busy day and just don’t feel like cooking.  Having a healthy option will be important as well, since it’s easy to overdo during the holidays, a light soup or veggies and rice would be wonderfully health and light meals to be able to take out of the freezer and re-heat in a pinch.


  1. On Sunday you’ll get done your Christmas baking, if you haven’t done it already or want to add some treats to your pantry.
  2. Then you’ll do your wrapping!  Maybe put on some Classic Christmas Music or a Christmas movie, it’s best to get the wrapping done as soon as possible to keep presents safe from prying eyes.




Hope this helps you plan your weekend, and make the most of the time before Christmas, setting the mood, cherishing family and getting things done.

Stay tuned for next weekend, as we plan or way through the month, making the holidays fun and stress free!


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