New Year’s Eve Party Ideas! Celebrate Hogmanay!


Some ideas to host your New Year’s Eve or Hogmanay Party with ease:

 1.       Start with an e-vite.  Facebook makes it very easy to create an event allowing participants to let you know if they’re coming or unable to attend, you can also make a note of when you’d like responses by, provide directions, dress-up requirements and let people know if it’s BYOB.  Alternatively, send out a text if you’re thinking of a smaller more intimate party.

2.       Plan a theme, location, menu and schedule.  If you want to have guests dress up, come in costume or maybe be anti-New Year’s in pajamas and onesies, let them know right away so they can start planning. fireworks

3.       Next, plan your food and drink.  Keep it simple with a cheese board or maybe a tray of baked appetizers.  Ordering pizza in is a fun and unique idea if you have the funds and delivery is available New Year’s Even in your area.  For drinks, have a variety of pop and juice on hand for the drivers and as mixes.  To toast to the New Year provide champagne, if you splurge on anything for this party, I recommend getting a good champagne.  Provide water and above all, don’t forget the ice!  Make sure you have sufficient glasses, napkins, cutlery and dishes.  Plan for spills.


4.       Provide entertainment.  Depending on the size of your party and the interests of the people you’ve invited make sure you’ve planned to keep your guests happy and engaged.  Plan games if appropriate and always have some background music playing.

5.       Plan how you’ll ring in the New Year.  Will you drop balloons and confetti?  Will you have a big countdown?  Follow a broadcast counting down?  Think about what you want your countdown to the New Year to look like and make it happen!

All the best in 2017!



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