Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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St Patrick’s Day is an official feast day of the Catholic Church, and observed by other Christian denominations such as the Anglican Church as well.  It was designated as a feast day in the 17th century for  Patrick, known as the ‘Apostle of Ireland’ during the time of Roman Britain.

It is observed on the 17th of March, which is the presumed date of Saint Patrick’s death.

Today, St Patrick’s Day is more of a cultural event celebrating Ireland and its people.  It is also especially popular in areas with large populations of people of Irish descent, such as Canada and America.  But as they say, everyone is Irish on St Patty’s Day.



Depending on your locations and heritage St Patrick’s Day may be celebrated with a special church service, a local parade or parties.  While the holiday does offer something for everyone it is certainly more aimed at adult forms of entertainment and events.

As we get ready for St Patrick’s Day, the Holiday Corner will provide a variety of fun and unique ideas to inspire your celebrations!






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