Happy Easter!


Up next at the Holiday Corner is Easter time!

Falling this year on the weekend of the 16th of April, the Easter weekend is both a celebration of the religious holiday of the Resurrection and a welcoming of spring.

Easter begins with Good Friday, is traditionally celebrated on Easter Sunday, with Easter Monday being a civic holiday in most areas.


Whether the holiday is based around Christian Easter, Jewish Passover or a more general celebration of the end of winter and beginning of spring in earnest, you’ll see lots of eggs, flowers, and baby animals used to decorate and set a festive mood.


Due to its association with resurrection, Easter also plays on the themes of birth and new life, showing off the bunnies and chicks born this time of year.  Commercially, Easter offers plenty of opportunity to indulge your sweet tooth and love of chocolate.

If you want to celebrate, decorate in pastel pinks, purples, greens and yellows, put out some flowers and stick around here at the Holiday Corner for our amazing Easter craft ideas, flower arrangements, and more!

16 April


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