4 Fun Easter Activities

Are you looking for some fun ideas for things to do this Easter?  Here are some simple and classic ideas for you to plan over Easter that your family will love.


  1. Easter Egg Hunt!

Go all out with your Easter egg hunt this year.  This is what children look forward to for days before Easter, so make the most of it.  If you can, an outside egg hunt is great fun.  Especially is friends and family are around and there are lots of little kiddies to participate.

An idea to make your Easter egg hunt more successful is to fill plastic eggs with smaller chocolate eggs, jelly beans or candy.  This works well if you stage your hunt outside or have young children.


2.  Go to the Petting Zoo!

Give your family an appreciation of animals and teach them how to be gentle and compassionate with them by going to visit a petting zoo, farm sanctuary or hobby farm.

Spring brings all the new babies so this is the perfect time to take a visit to learn more about the animals and see their cuteness.


3.  Start Your Garden!

If you haven’t already, now is the time to start your garden.  The Easter long weekend will offer lots of time to get into the soil and plant beautiful flowers for spring.

First draw up your plan then go out to the greenhouses to load up on supplies and seeds.  Prepare and map out your garden.  Then get to planting.  This is something you can enlist help for and a great way to spend the warmer and longer spring days.


4.  Have an Easter Tea Party!

Whether it’s Easter brunch or an assortment of tasty sweet treats for afternoon tea, the delicate flavours and refined atmosphere are perfect for this holiday.

Plan your favourite treats, brew a nice pot of tea and invite your friends over because and tea themed brunch or afternoon tea is an excellent way to set the mood for the Easter holiday.


I hope this gives you some ideas, if you have any Easter traditions or fun plans please share!


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