Violet Wildflowers

3 Simple Easter Flower Ideas

Spring is in the air and flowers are in bloom!!!

What could be more indicative of Easter and all things spring than beautiful flowers?  Whether placed on your window, around the home or on your beautiful Easter table, flowers add a bright pop of colour, lovely aroma and beauty and elegance.

Here are three simple ideas for Easter flowers, using various cuts, heights and vases to add character, intrigue and contrast to your flower arrangements.

Up first we have a simple bough boasting new buds and flowers.

Spring Bough

Simple tree blossom flowering bough


Spring tree bloom

Tree blossom flower arrangement


Next we have a spray of bright daffodils in contrasting colours.


Beautiful Daffodil Arrangement



Daffodils in Bloom


Finally, add a pop of purple colour and contrast the delicate flowers with a heavy silver dish to hold them.

Violet in Spring

Beautiful violet wildflowers


Violet Wildflowers

Violet Wildflowers for Spring


The best thing about flowers is that their beauty speaks for itself!  Indulge your creativity and make your own spring flower arrangements for Easter!



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