6 Movies to Watch for Father’s Day!

Sometimes Father’s Day means a game of golf, a tasty brunch or cake and cards.  Other times, Father’s Day is more laid back and includes taking in a movie with your Daddio.

If you find yourself hanging out with Dear Ol’ Dad and have nothing to do this Father’s Day, here are some movie ideas which celebrate Dad and fatherhood.

Let’s start off with some classics:

The Godfather

Probably everything you don’t want to do as a father, starting off with being a gangster and raising your child into a life of crime.  But a classic none the less, and a complex depiction of father-son relationships.


How to Kill a Mockingbird

Leading by example, taking time to explain things to young children, expectations, discipline and upholding moral values and a sense of right and wrong.  This black and white number is always a good watch.


And now some modern classics:


Father of the Bride

The complexities of fatherhood, being a husband, having babies and relating to adult children.  A hilarious take on what to do when life throws you a curve ball.


John Q

A heartbreaking and harrowing account of the lengths a father will go for his child.  This gripping thriller staring Denzel Washington is a must see.


And, last but not least, fatherhood in animation:

Finding Nemo

The famous fish who scours the ocean for his missing son.


The Lion King

How to raise your kid as a son and a king, and how important Dads are in a child’s life.


Will you be watching movies which celebrate Dads and fatherhood this Father’s Day?  If you are share your recommendations and let us know what you think if you watch, or re-watch, any of the movies on this list.



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