Enjoy Your Holidays

In a previous post (almost a year ago now!) titled Ho-Ho-Hold On, I spoke about how I disagree with the rush to sell during holidays, lumping one right on top of the other.  My opinion is that we don't take our time to slow down and enjoy the holidays as they come, we're too busy … Continue reading Enjoy Your Holidays


Burns Night

Up next at the Holiday Corner is the celebration of the great Scottish poet and bard Robert 'Rabbie' Burns.  Born 25 January 1759, Rabbie Burns is regarded as a Scottish hero and national poet writing in both Scots language, the Scottish dialect and standard English. Renowned worldwide for his work, including the widely popular Auld … Continue reading Burns Night


The celebration of Martin Luther King Jr the heroic activists, leader in the civil rights movement and minister. With roots back to 1971, MLK Day has been an official American holiday observed in all 50 States since 2000.  So great was his example, the day is noted by non-Americans in recognition of the moral strength … Continue reading MLK Day

Friday the 13th

Superstitions, Old Wives Tales, omens, are a part of our heritage and culture.  Many come from a time when science didn’t provide the answers it does today and people were left to explain natural phenomena which they couldn’t understand, leading to supernatural explanations.  Others come from traditional religious beliefs such as paganism, polytheism and a … Continue reading Friday the 13th